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    If you have Apple Bios files with password, you can send your backup bios file to us and you receive files without password.

    Macbook / iMac screen

    After completing the payment, send your backup bios files along with your laptop model and motherboard model to info@raminfotech.net

    Bios files that you may find in other ways, after the programming, they may still display the problems as below :

    • The Apple laptop/iMac does not turn ON.
    • The Apple laptop/iMac does not give display.
    • The Apple laptop/iMac turns ON, but it runs very slowly.
    • The Apple laptop/iMac turns ON, but it cannot be installed the new system.
    • The Apple laptop/iMac switches OFF after 10-30 minutes.
    • Stucks on loading.

    While if you send to us the original backup bios with password, we do remove only the password and the bios does not give problems after reprogramming.

    Price for unlock 1 unit Apple : $ 9