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    BGA Rework

    BGA Rework is a technologically advanced service offered by only the cream of service centers all over India. Ram Infotech has the necessary skills and expertise to offer this sophisticated service to the most popular and high-tech laptops of different brands. This is a fairly new service and offered by only a select few, and our clients can take advantage of this at our service center.

    We have the BGA rework station, which is essential for the procedures of BGA rework. We have all the necessary infrastructure and skill to provide complex and refined services necessary for the advanced technology laptops. We service and repair all the technologically advanced laptop motherboards like intel chipset, south bridge, north bridge, nvidia, ati, and vga ic, which have BGA IC. Any repair to these, need the expertise of skilled manpower, which can use the normal SMD ic replacements. Ram Infotech is the right place for all kinds of innovative and advanced laptop repair services.


      Main Causes / Problems:

      power on no display, Dead, No display, laptop getting mute, d.c pin problem, battery not charging, keyboard problem, hinges broken, broken laptop, white display, switch problem. Not booting,ram upgared, dvd not working, lcd broken, laptop getting hung, dull display

    All types of problems related to the mother board like the laptop restart problem, hanging of laptops, memory control problems, keyboard control problems, power supply problems, processor control issues, dead laptops, display problems, bios problems, battery section issues, audio problems, D C pin, VGA, USB, LAN and wireless issues, etc can be expertly handled by our professional team. We make timely deliveries so that you do not face difficulty due to the lack of your laptop. We diagnose and rectify all types of problems related to laptops.

    Welcome to RAMINFOTECH Chennai you are in the right place to service your laptop (all brands) with the best price and quality and hassle free. Since from 2007, we are providing the best laptop service to our customer with our professional & skilled team. We are having well experience in providing laptop repair services to many Vendor.

    All types of laptop motherboard chip level, Bga service and Peripherals chip level service will be done i it service. If any problem in your laptop motherboard, please do not try to solve yourself. it may cause more problem to your laptop. instead, just make a call RAMINFOTECH SERVICE CENTER. Our skilled technicians have excellent techniques about chip level service and they will guide you towards successful service for your laptop chip level problems.